The Democratic Revolution in Czechoslovakia

Its Preconditions, Course and Immediate Repercussions, 1987─1989

An International Conference
14-16 October 1999
Prague, Hotel Duo

Organized by

(as a part of the international project Openness in Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union)

The National Security Archive, Washington D.C.
The Czechoslovak Documentation Centre, Prague (Dobřichovice)
The Institute of Contemporary History, Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic

Cooperating institutions

Historical Institute of the Slovak Academy of Science
The Milan Šimečka Foundation, Bratislava
The Czech-Russian Commission of Historians and Archivists

With Additional Financial Support from

The Open Society Fund, Prague
The Konrad Adenauer Foundation
The Heinrich Böll Foundation
The Simons Foundation, Vancouver

The National Security Archive, Washington D.C.
Československé dokumentační středisko, o. p. s. Praha (Dobřichovice)
Ústav pro soudobé dějiny Akademie věd České republiky